Many variants of the R4 were made. These can be identified by the 'R code' on the oval plate on the bulkhead. The three main codes used for UK cars are R1120 (747cc L), R1123 (845cc L and TL) and R1128 (1108cc GTL). A complete list is at the bottom of this page.

Oval plateEdit

Oval plate location

Location of oval plate

oval plate gives the R code and some other details. It is found on the bulkhead as shown in the photo. Most R4s will have an oval plate and a diamond plate. Some later R4s have a larger single rectangular plate as shown.

The oval plate may contain the following numbers:

  1. Vehicle type ('R code')
  2. Special features
  3. Basic equipment version
  4. Options
    Oval plate diagram

    Oval plate diagram

  5. Fabrication number
  6. Model year or paint code
  7. Assembly factory

Typical values at 7 for the R4 are:

J = Billancourt, France

Y = Novo Mesto, Slovenia

List of R codesEdit

At some point, Renault dispensed with the 'R'. For example the Savanne's 'R code' is just 112C.

R codes (rows in bold indicate UK models)
R code Models Engine Production Notes
R1120 R4, L 747cc 1961-1962
R1120 R4, L, Export, Parisienne 747cc 1961-1972
R1121 R3 603cc 1961-1962
R1122 Super 1962-1963
R1123 L, Export, Parisienne, Plein Air 845cc 1963-1982
R1123 L, TL 845cc 1982-1985
R1124 Super 845cc 1963-1964
R1125 básico, Super, TL 852cc 1968-1981 Spanish-built
R1126 L, TL, Export 782cc 1972-1985
R1128 GTL 1108cc 1978-85
R1128 GTL, Clan 1108cc 1986-
R1129 1976-1979
112C TL, Savanne 956cc 1986-
R2102 F4 747cc 1962-1966
R2104 F4 845cc 1963-1968
R2105 F4 747cc 1966-1972
R2106 F4 845cc 1968-1986
R2108 852cc 1968-1975 Spanish-built
R2108S 852cc 1969-1981 Spanish-built R2108 with elevated roof
R2108SA 852cc 1973-1981 Spanish-built R2108S with elevated roof and side windows
R2109 782cc 1972-1982
210B F4 1108cc 1986-1988
R2370 F6 1108cc
R2391 F4 Vitrée 845cc 1974-1982
R2392 F4 Vitrée 782cc 1974-1982
R2430 F6 Vitrée 1108cc
3C2370 Pick-up 1108cc